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King KR-86 ADF Receiver P/N 066-1038-00

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The King KR-86 is a special ADF because both the Receiver and Indicator are integrated into one chassis. You don't need a spare instrument hole for an ADF if you have space for a KR-86 in your radio stack. With a KR-86, you get the solid-state King quality you have come to expect. The King KR-86 is designed to work with the King KA-42B ADF Loop / Sense Antenna as a system. The KR-86 Automatic Direction Finder is a digitally tuned solid state receiver which provides an aural reception and bearing information capability within the frequency range of 200 KHz to 1750 KHz. The digitally selected channels may be selected in 1 KHz increments. Each channel is crystal controlled by a slaved master oscillator which employs capacitance-variable silicon diodes. The extensive use of Integrated Circuits in the digital circuitry has been primarily responsible for the ease and speed with which this receiver can be tuned. Tuning speed is typically .01 second from the time that a frequency is selected. Please call for current exchange pricing.


 Serviceable FAA/145/SV/8130-3 

King KR-86 ADF Receiver P/N 066-1038-00

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