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King KR-87 ADF Receiver P/N 066-1072-00

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  • Digitally tuned solid state automatic direction finder KR-87 which provides bearing information to stations in the frequency range of 200 KHz to 1799 KHz and which also provides audio reception to enable pilot to identify stations
  • Used with KA-44B combined loop/sense low profile ADF antenna OR KA-44 blade antenna
  • Can be used with single needle KI-227 ADF indicator or dual needle KI-228 indicator (both indicators available with manual or slaved compass cards)
  • May be interfaced to King KI-229 or KNI-582 RMIs
  • Can be interfaced with other 3-wire RMI indicators by way of KDA-692 RMI adapter
  • Models available with single or dual indicator driving capability
  • Models available with ADF Superflag output for use with EFIS systems
  • Internal timer for flight time and elapsed time which proves valuable for non-precision timed approaches, fuel management, dead reckoning navigation
  • Automatic dimming circuit adjusts the brightness of the display to compensate for changes in the ambient light level
  • Coherent detection design rejects unwanted frequency interference, achieves significantly greater range and has less suspectiblility to engine noise, static and atmospheric interference
  • Flip-flop frequency display allows to switch between pre-selected "standby" and "active" frequencies
  • Operates on any voltage from 11-33 VDC with 12 watts power consumption
  • Models have standard display lens
  • Models have clear display light
  • Forced air cooling not required
  • TSO'd





6.32"W x 1.35"H x 10.73"L


2.9 lbs.

TSO Compliance:

TSO C41c Class A, DO-160 Env. Cat A1D1/A/SKP/XXXXXX/ZBABA

Applicable Documents:


Frequency Range:

200KHz to 1799KHz in 1 KHz increments

Receiver Selectivity:

6dB bandwidth: +-2 KHz max off center frequency; 80dB bandwidth: +-7 KHz max off center frequency

Bearing Accuracy:

+- 3 degrees from 70 uV/m to 0.5 V/m RF input signal level

Power Requirements:

11 to 33 VDC, 12W typical

Temperature Range:

-20 to +55C

Altitude Range:

Up to 50,000 feet

Receiver Senstivity:

150uV/m max for s+n/n = 6dB

Spurious Response:

80dB down +-12KHz from center frequency

Indicator Drive:

DC sine and cosine voltages 4.5 +- 3.0VDC at 150mA max

Audio Output:

50mW across 500ohm

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 Serviceable FAA/145/SV/8130-3 

KR-87 ADF Receiver

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  • KR-87 ADF Receiver

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