Bendix/King ART-161A Radar Antenna-Receiver-Transmitter P/N 4001018-6106

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  • Combined Radar Antenna-Receiver-Transmitter unit used in color and monochrome RDR-160 Monochrome and RDR-160 Color radar systems
  • 10 inch radar parabolic reflector available 
  • Side mounted power/data connector
  • Model is monochrome and color compatible 
  • 6 kW peak pulse power output (typical)
  • Ideal for radar interface to Avidyne EX500 Multi-Function Display
RF Power Output: 6 kW peak power Frequency: (X-Band) 9375 MHz +-35 MHz
Pulse Width: 3.5 usec Scan Angle: 90 deg. (electrical); 50 deg. (mechanical)
Antenna Scan Rate: 22.5 deg/second Pulse Repetition Frequency: 100 Hz (jittered)
Noise Figure: 8.0 dB STC: 20 miles with 10 and 12-inch antennas
Iso-echo: Operates 16.0 dB above MDS Antenna Sizes: 10 & 12" (parabolic)
Antenna Gain: 12=26.5 dB; 10"=25.0dB Elevation Angle: Manual tilt +-15 deg.

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ART-161A Radar Antenna-Receiver-Transmitter

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  • ART-161A Radar Antenna-Receiver-Transmitter

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