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King KN-53 Nav Receiver P/N 066-1067-00

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  • 1.3" high flat-pack, NAV unit
  • 200-channel navigation receiver
  • Built-in 40 channel Glideslope receiver
  • Features simultaneous gas discharge display of both active and standby frequencies
  • Flip-flop frequency transfer button
  • Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory (EAROM) provides non-volatile storage of two frequencies
  • Used with either KI-203 or KI-208 VOR/LOC indicators and KI-204 or KI-209 VOR/LOC/GS converter/indicators
  • Will operate an HSI such as KI-525A (of KCS-55A System) with a remote KN-72 VOR/LOC converter
  • Output provided for automatic channeling of remote DME systems
  • Composite VOR output signal provided to operate KI-229 RMI
  • All solid-state system employs digital frequency synthesizer for NAV frequency control
  • Microprocessor controls the display and provides DME tuning code conversion
  • Crystal filter provides added protection against channeling interference for improved selectivity on 50 kHz frequencies
  • Operates on any DC voltage from 11 to 33 volts
  • Model has diffused display lens 
  • TSO'd





6.31"W x 1.30"H x 9.75"L


2.3 lbs. / 2.6 lbs. (w/ GS)


NAV C40a DO-153; LOC C36c, Class D, Cat II DO-131; GS C34c, Class D, Cat II DO-132

Environmental Categories:


DME Channeling:

5 wire 2x5 code MHz & kHz lines; 1 wire 50 kHz line; 1 DME common line

ILS Energize Output:

Ground on ILS channels, open otherwise

Frequency Memory:

Frequency data stored with no standby power required

Frequency Stability:


VOR/LOC Sensitivity:

2.0uv (hard) max. will provide a half-flag navigation indication. Typical 1.0uv (hard)

VOR/LOC Selectivity:

Typical 6dB at +-17kHz, 80dB at +-42kHz; Minimum 6dB at +-15kHz, 60dB at +-42kHz

Spurious Responses:

Down at least 60dB

Ident Filter:

15dB minimum tone rejection

NAV Accuracy:

+-15 deg. max. error/95% probability

Audio Output:

50mW @ 500 ohms

NAV Freq. Range:

108.00-117.95 MHz

GS Channels:

40 (150 kHz spacing)

GS Freq. Range:

329.15-335.00 MHz

GS Selectivity:

6dB max at +-25 kHz, 60dB min at +-300 kHz

GS Sensitivity:

Typically 12uv (hard) for half flag 20uv (hard) max

Indicator Output:

No load resistors or wiring changes are necessary for any combination of deviation or alarm flag loads

Course Deviation Response:

0.6 seconds max

Centering Accuracy:

Less than +-10ua under all service conditions

KN-53 Nav Receiver

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  • KN-53 Nav Receiver

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